Trank Wanted For “Fantastic Four” Reboot

“Chronicle” director Josh Trank has become the frontrunner to direct a reboot of the “Fantastic Four” franchise at 20th Century Fox reports Variety.

Michael Green (“Green Lantern”) is penning the newest draft about the four individuals who gained superpowers after exposure to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space.

The previous two films directed by Tim Story in 2005 & 2007 grossed $620 million despite awful reviews. Fox’s aim here is to start over and restore some credibility and quality to the property, much like they did with last year’s “X-Men: First Class”.

Fox is reportedly waiting to see the box-office performance of “Chronicle” before extending an official offer to Trank who has already had several meetings about the film.

Akiva Goldsman was slated to produce but is no longer involved.