Trank Posts “Fantastic Four” Thing Photo?

UPDATE: The Twitter account has been shutdown, in other words it was not legit. Whether that photo of The Thing is or not remains uncertain.

ORIGINAL: A month ago, around the time of Comic Con, a photo was leaked of what was purported to be the new look of Ben Grimm in ‘The Thing’ mode in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

20th Century Fox asked sites to take it down and it was quickly pulled, but it was never quite clear if it was an official look at the character.

With filming on the project now over, director Josh Trank has posted that same photo on what appears to be his Twitter account although it’s new and hasn’t been verified as yet.

He also answered some fan questions, amongst the key quotes he confirms Sue & Johnny Storm are siblings. This is NOT found footage, and we’ll get our first official look later this year. As for the suits? “They’re not tight. I’ll tell you that.”