Trank Denies “Fantastic Four” Reshoot Removal

Filmmaker Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) has denounced claims that he’s been removed from the reshoots of the upcoming “Fantastic Four” Film.

The story started over at the usually reliable Superhero News which reportedly claimed that Matthew Vaughn was asked to step in and director the “Fantastic Four” reshoots this past April to ensure the movie fits inline with the studio’s “X-Men” franchise.

Vaughn was rumored be present during the reshoots, but this was the first time anyone has suggested he took control. The Trank rumors were fuelled by media reports of severe enough issues on the “Fantastic Four” set that they contributed to his removal as director of the second “Star Wars Anthology” film in the works.

The report has also claimed that Fox has completely scrapped their 3D plans for “Fantastic Four” with the budget for that plan going on the reshoots.

Trank has since responded to the report with the following tweet: