The Dark Knight Rises06.19.12
The Gatekeepers01.02.13
War Witch01.12.13
Almost Human01.13.14
Anna (2014)04.29.14
Jupiter Ascending06.27.14
Mad Max: Fury Road07.27.14
The Pyramid08.26.14
Horrible Bosses 209.04.14
The Interview09.19.14
John Wick09.30.14
American Sniper10.02.14
Black Sea10.02.14
In the Heart of the Sea10.16.14
The Gambler11.05.14
Into the Woods11.06.14
Iron Sky: The Coming Race11.07.14
Avengers: Age of Ultron11.12.14
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 211.13.14
Pitch Perfect 211.20.14
Jurassic World11.25.14
The Interview11.24.14
Exodus: Gods and Kings11.27.14
Jupiter Ascending11.27.14
Shaun the Sheep Movie11.29.14
Wild Card11.29.14
Search Party12.02.14
Black or White12.02.14
While We're Young12.04.14
Terminator Genisys12.04.14
San Andreas12.09.14
The Walk12.09.14
In the Heart of the Sea12.09.14