A Good Day to Die Hard01.03.13
A Good Marriage08.20.14
G.I. Joe: Retaliation04.24.12
Gangster Squad10.11.12
Gemma Bovary06.03.14
Generation Iron08.28.13
generation Um...03.11.13
Get Low04.19.10
Get On Up03.13.14
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance12.15.11
Ghost Team One09.12.13
Gimme Shelter11.25.13
Gimme the Loot02.19.13
Ginger and Rosa09.07.12
Girl in Progress01.09.12
Girl Most Likely05.03.13
Girl Rising10.08.12
Girls Against Boys01.07.13
Go For It04.11.11
Go For Sisters02.04.13
God Bless America03.07.12
God's Pocket04.14.14
Going the Distance05.21.10
Gone Girl07.07.14
Good People05.09.14
Goodbye First Love04.09.12
Grace Land02.27.13
Grace of Monaco09.16.13
Grace Unplugged06.24.13
Grand Budapest Hotel12.19.13
Grand Piano12.17.13
Great Directors04.19.10
Green Lantern05.04.11
Griff the Invisible06.18.11
Grown Ups04.15.10
Grown Ups 204.02.13
Grudge Match09.12.13
Guardians of the Galaxy05.19.14
Gulliver's Travels11.02.10
The Gatekeepers01.02.13
The Ghost Writer01.28.10
The Girl12.06.12
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo09.22.11
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...02.15.10
The Giver06.04.14
The Good Doctor05.14.12
The Good Guy01.14.10
The Good Heart03.04.10
The Good Lie06.19.14
The Good Son07.05.13
The Grand Seduction04.04.14
The Grandmaster07.12.13
The Great Beauty10.30.13
The Great Gatsby05.22.12
The Greatest02.01.10
The Green Hornet11.19.10
The Green Inferno05.31.14
The Green Prince08.05.14
The Grey12.02.11
The Guard06.06.11
The Guest08.06.14
The Guilt Trip10.03.12