Trailers: Yelchin In “Porto,” Hoult In “Newness”

Two new indie films about young love have scored trailers today.

Just over a year since young actor Anton Yelchin’s tragic passing, the trailer has arrived for his final feature – Gabe Klinger’s “Porto” which opens on November 17th in New York City and November 24th in Los Angeles.

Shot in 35mm and executive produced by Jim Jarmusch, the story follows a brief romance that blooms between two foreigners (Yelchin, Lucie Lucas) in Portugal.

The other is “Newness” which sees Drake Doremus re-teaming with Nicholas Hoult. It hasn’t yet set a release date.

The story follows a relationship between a pharmacist (Nicholas Hoult) and a physical therapist (Laia Costa) that begins after the millennials meet via a hookup app called Winx in Los Angeles.