Trailers: Van Damme’s “Enemies” And “Jungle”

A double dose of Jean Claude Van Damme today as the famed 1980s action star will return to screens in select theaters and via VOD services with two films opening two weeks apart.

First up is “Enemies Closer” in which Van Damme, sporting a terrible haircut, plays the villain. Tom Everett Scott plays a forest ranger forced by a drug cartel to help retrieve a major shipment of drugs lost along the US-Canadian border.

Not helping is a man (Orlando Jones) with a personal vendetta against the ranger. Peter Hyams directs the film which is scheduled for a limited theatrical and simultaneous VOD release on January 24th.

Surprisingly different is “Welcome to the Jungle,” one of Van Damme’s first outright comedies. Here he plays Storm Rothchild, an unhinged former Marine who leads a bunch of corporate drones (Adam Brody, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boon e, Dennis Haysbert) out for a mandatory company desert island retreat. When their pilot is found dead, things turn feral.

A limited theatrical and simultaneous VOD release is currently scheduled for February 7th.