Trailers & Images: blackhat, Jupiter Ascending

The first promotional push for Michael Mann’s new film “blackhat” has arrived with a bunch of new photos and a trailer for the film going online today ahead of its January 16th 2015 release.

Chris Hemsworth plays a former hacker now imprison who is offered a shorter sentence in exchange for helping track down a cyber criminal with uncertain motives who has been manipulating the world’s financial markets. The trailer itself is exclusively available at Apple Trailers, while the new photos are below:

Also out today exclusively at Apple Trailers is the third trailer for the Wachowski’s sci-fi epic “Jupiter Ascending”.

The new clip features a bunch of new visual effects shots to establish the scale of this production, along with a lot more ‘creature’ action than the previous trailers. There’s also a swank new international poster which can be seen below: