Trailers Cut To A Mandatory Two Minutes?

The National Association of Theater Owners is reportedly pushing for new guidelines that would limit the length of all trailers played in cinemas to just two minutes.

At present, the MPAA has voluntary marketing guidelines in place that restricts trailers to a maximum length of 2.5 minutes. Each studio is allowed one exception per year – such as the acclaimed three-minute trailer for this Summer’s “Man of Steel”.

Complaints from the public to theater owners are reportedly that trailers are often either too long, or give away too much of the plot. Others have complained about the sheer number, with up to seven or eight trailers being played before certain screenings.

Understandably studios have not reacted well to the news, and NATO’s executive board is said to be listening to their concerns before taking action.

Other moves being considered include a mandatory release date on all marketing materials, and potentially a ban on marketing materials for any film more than four months from release.

Source: THR