Trailer Watch: New Moon, Single Man, Kane

As there’s still no RSS feed for the trailers section, I’ve decided to start a regular compendium article to be posted once or twice week (depending upon the amount released) of the big trailers that have hit online.

The trailers section will still be the place to go for up to the minute trailers, clips, TV spots, etc. but these articles will help those who’re curious but simply don’t have the time to download everything or want to know more about the trailers before checking them out. I hope you like:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
After two very lacklustre teasers (who the hell approved that ‘Meet Jacob Black’ amateur hour?), the new trailer for the “Twilight” sequel finally delivers for fans and non-fans alike. Scheduled to air on MTV shortly, the preview has already leaked online and is considerably better than its predecessors – well cut, exciting, good music, and gives us at least a small insight into the plot.

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