Trailer: “Northmen: A Viking Saga”

A new trailer is out for “Northmen: A Viking Saga,” an action adventure film starring some faces that will be familiar to regular cable series watchers. “Black Sails” and “Merlin” hunk Tom Hopper leads a cast as the captain of a Viking crew shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland. The Northmen must trek to the safety of a nearby stronghold, but a group of the King’s ferocious mercenaries are on their tail.

Also onboard are “True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten as a staff wielding monk, former “Game of Thrones” and new “The Transporter” star Ed Skrein, “Happy Valley” actors James Norton and Charlie Murphy, and famed Swiss actor Anatole Taubman. The film is currently slated for release in Eastern Europe this Fall, no word on a U.S. release just yet.

Check out the trailer over at Ascot Elite.