Trailer: Mads Mikkelsen Must Survive In “Arctic”

Trailer Mads Mikkelsen Must Survive In Arctic

The first trailer has arrived for Joe Penna’s “Arctic,” the second of two Mads Mikkelsen-led films about survival in an icy wilderness to hit in the next few weeks (the first being Jonas Akerlund’s “Polar” on Netflix).

Bleecker Street is releasing this one into cinemas. Here, Mikkelsen plays the sole survivor of a plane crash in a frozen wasteland who lives by his wits as he waits for help to arrive.

But when a long-awaited rescue effort fails, he faces a life or death decision: remain in the relative safety of his camp and hope to be found or embark on an arduous trek that may be the only hope for both him and a critically injured stranger.

Premiering at Cannes to rave reviews, the film contains very little dialogue and was well researched to be as scientifically accurate as possible. The film opens February 9th.