Trailer: Lohan vs. Lycanthropes In “Shadows”

Trailer Lohan Vs Lycanthropes In Shadows

Momentum Pictures has premiered the first trailer for the Lindsay Lohan-led werewolves thriller “Among the Shadows”.

Charlotte Beckett plays Kristy Wolfe, a Brussels private eye descended from werewolves who must go to work when her uncle Harry Goldstone is murdered in a politically motivated attack.

Patricia Sherman (Lindsay Lohan), the wife of the European Federation President, hires Wolfe to investigate Goldstone’s killing as he was her husband’s campaign manager.

Wolfe finds bodies all over the city and must use her innate instincts to unravel the case and stay alive long enough unmask the conspiracy.

Gianni Capaldi and Dominik Madani co-star in the film which was helmed by Tiago Mesquita.