Trailer: “Godzilla” 60th Anniversary

Six decades, countless sequels, two remakes and god knows how many imitators, Toho’s movie monster “Godzilla” has cemented itself in legend.

Now, to celebrate the film’s 60th anniversary, Rialto Pictures is re-releasing the original film under the moniker “Godzilla: The Japanese Original”.

The 1956 western release version of the movie, “Godzilla, King of the Monsters,” was dubbed and heavily re-edited with American actor Raymond Burr inserted into the action.

Ultimately, only an hour was used of the original Japanese film’s 98 minute running time. Boasting a new restoration, this re-release will be of the uncut original Japanese film which boasted both darker themes and dark comedy.

The monster classic will debut April 12th at the fifth TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, followed by a national release starting at New York’s Film Forum from April 18th-24th.