Trailer For Third Mummy Next Month

Whilst most of this Summer’s releases have at least one (and in most cases two) trailers out already, two of them opening later in the season have yet to release official previews.

The first, the upcoming “X-Files” sequel, has at least bootleg quality copies of footage shown at various conventions. The other though is the new “Mummy” movie, and so far no completed footage has yet been shown.

Talking with Sci-Fi Wire, director Rob Cohen explains that the studio has already cut the trailers, but they have “a lot of the most complicated visual effects” and admirably he doesn’t want them out before those effects are finished.

He doesn’t think the low-key publicity will hurt them though – “We have an audience that knows the name, and we’re not trying to create audience recognition from ground zero. I think if we have a solid couple of months to advertise, no one will miss it. [Audiences] will have made up their minds, but I don’t want them to make up their minds on incomplete work.”

The first trailer will hit cinemas in June, most likely attached to fellow Universal pics “The Incredible Hulk” on the 13th, or “Wanted” on the 27th.