Trailer: Bill Pullman In Western “Lefty Brown”

A24 and DIRECTV have premiered the first trailer and poster for the upcoming western drama “The Ballad of Lefty Brown” featuring Bill Pullman as a man on a revenge mission in the Old West.

Pullman plays the titular cowboy who witnesses the gruesome murder of his longtime partner, the newly-elected Senator Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda), and strikes out to find the killers.

Tracking the outlaws across the vast and desolate Montana plains, Lefty recruits a young gunslinger, Jeremiah (Diego Josef), and a hard-drinking U.S. Marshall (Tommy Flanagan) to help deliver the men to justice. Jim Caviezel plays a friend in the Governor’s mansion.

Jared Moshe penned and directs the film which will premiere exclusively on DIRECTV on November 9th and will play in theaters starting December 15th.