Trades: Twilight, Storyteller, Lost

“New flashback scenes for “Twilight” involving the various Cullen characters are being shot this week according to actor Peter Facinelli. Facinelli says he, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser will be involved in the scenes…” (full details)

“Jesse Spencer (TV’s “House”) has joined the cast of Robert A. Masciantonio’s psychological drama “The Storyteller”. The story follows a writer (Wes Bentley) who goes on a downward spiral when his father dies, causing his assistant (Katharine McPhee) to start investigating whether his muse as well as narrator for his stories (Anna Briem) is a figment of his imagination. Shooting begins next month…” (full details)

“Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising her role of Ana-Lucia Cortez in one episode of “Lost” this season. Considering her fate in Season Two, it’s expected to be a flashback or hallucination…” (full details)