Trades: Persepolis, Vanity, Gossip, Wage

“Sony Pictures Classics announced that it will release the English-language version of “Persepolis” on April 11th on 100 screens nationwide. The animated film about a young girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution is co-written and co-directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud. Chiara Mastroianni, Sean Penn, Catherine Deneuve, Gena Rowlands, Iggy Pop and Amethyste Frezignac all lend their voices to the project…” (full details)

“Director Bobby Garabedian, screenwriter Adam Simon and producer Elkin Antoniou have picked up the pitch “Vanity” for Hero Pictures International. The “Babel”-like story interconnects teens and young adults across continents who are dealing with major issues in their lives. Producers plan to draw on an international cast for the film…” (full details)

Michelle Trachtenberg (TV’s “Buffy,” “Ice Princess”) will play Georgina Sparks in multiple episodes of “Gossip Girl” coming this May. Trachtenberg beat out Mischa Barton for the role…” (full details)

Participant Media and Tapestry Films are developing the comedy “Minimum Wage” from TV actors-turned-screenwriters Tegan West and Scott Atkinson. The story highlights how corporate greed is hurting us as a society…” (full details)