Trades: Legion, Love, Grace, Beaujolais

“Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Brighton Partners, and Rainmaker Entertainment are launching the new superhero property “Legion of 5″. The series of CG-animated films will have a cross-platform approach to include games, online and mobile releases. Details of the characters and story line are being kept under wraps…” (full details)

“Vivendi Entertainment and Palm Pictures have picked up US theatrical and home video rights to anthology feature “New York, I Love You”. The film tells twelve stories of love throughout New York’s five boroughs. It’s expected that “New York” will be released in the first quarter of 2009…” (full details)

“Leomax Entertainment is producing the psychological horror film “Grace” starring Jordan Ladd (“Grindhouse”). First-time feature director Paul Solet adapted the film from his eponymous short, which follows a woman who discovers her “unborn” child has come back to life….” (full details)

“20th Century Fox has picked up Mike Arnold and Chris Poole’s spec comedy “Beaujolais”. Plot details are being kept corked, but the name describes a treasure-hunting character in the vein of Austin Powers and Ace Ventura. No director is attached but Peter and Bobby Farrelly will serve as producers…” (full details)