Trades: Che, Rock, Turtles, Bastards

“Magnolia Pictures has signed to distribute Steven Soderbergh’s $60 million two-part biopic “Che” in the United States. The film, which scored mixed reviews at Cannes, is screening a 262 minute cut at Toronto and will be shown at the New York Film Festival where it will likely qualify for Oscar voting…” (full details)

“Richard Linklater admits he only had one conversation with the studio about a “School of Rock” sequel and that it “might not happen” after all – expressing apprehension to the whole idea of a sequel. Mike White’s screenplay for “School of Rock 2: America Rocks” follows the further adventures of Dewey Finn, as he leads a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that “delves into the history of rock ‘n’ roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres”…” (full details)

“‘This is complete nonsense and entirely untrue’ says “TMNT” writer Stephen Murphy on his blog about this week’s online rumor that a live-action ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is in the works…” (full details)

“A leaked script of Quentin Tarantino’s World War II drama “Inglorious Bastards” already is stirring up controversy for scenes of vengeful Americans bashing, scalping, shooting and strangling German soldiers. Suddeutsche Zeitung editor says “the collision between Tarantino-style pop culture with the themes of the Holocaust and Jewish revenge (the ‘Bastards’ of the film are Jewish-American Nazi hunters) is unprecedented in Germany and its results are completely unpredictable”…” (full details)