Trade Breaks: Watchmen, Shrek, Knight

“A long-time source for AICN indicates that in the upcoming “Watchmen” adaptation directed by Zack Snuder, Night Owl is tipped to be played by Patrick Wilson, Ozymandias is looking like Jude Law, and Doctor Manhattan might be Keanu Reeves…” (full details)

“Jeffrey Katzenberg is already talking further “Shrek” sequels and says the next “Shrek” feature (not the upcoming ‘Shrek the Halls’ TV special) will be an origin story for the characters…” (full details)

“Warners viral campaign for “The Dark Knight” using The Joker’s visage (yep, its been confirmed) has been removed and replaced with lots of hidden ‘ha ha ha’ remarks and the cryptic comment – “See You in December” which indicates a potential first trailer date…” (full details)