Trade Breaks: UA, Inheritance, CJ7

“The new look Cruise/Wagner run United Artists has secured $500 million in financing through Merrill Lynch to produce 15-18 films over the next five years. Robert Redford’s political drama “Lions for Lambs,” due in theaters Nov. 9, and Bryan Singer’s Nazi hero biopic “Valkyrie” fall under the new financing…” (full details)

“Fox Atomic has acquired Nick Kurzon’s comedy pitch “Spending My Inheritance.” The story centers on a twenty-something slacker enjoying life beyond his means who reluctantly moves home only to find his once-frugal father living life to the fullest and spending the money his son had counted on inheriting…” (full details)

Stephen Chow’s “A Hope” (aka “Long River 7”) has yet another new title: “CJ7,” according to a senior source at Sony. Fantasy stars Chow as a poor Chinese laborer who learns important life lessons when his son gets a strange new toy. Sony Pictures Classics will distribute in North America sometime around the Chinese New Year in 2008…” (full details)