Trade Breaks: Toussaint, Dude, Bobism

“Venezuela is adding an extra $9 million into the budget for biopic “Toussaint” for Louverture Films and Villa del Cine. Budgeted at $30 million, “Toussaint” tracks the life of iconic leader Toussaint Louverture, who led an 18th-century uprising in Haiti. The country shelled out $18 million last year for Glover’s pet project…” (full details)

“Disney has acquired “Are We There Yet?” scribes Steven Gary Banks and Claudia Graziosi’s comedy pitch “Family Dude” which Walt Becker will produce. “Family Dude” follows an uptight, successful finance exec who convinces his neighbor — a single mother of three kids — to join him on a dude ranch in Montana and pretend they are his family so he can close a big business deal…” (full details)

“MGM Films has picked up TV scribe Ben Wexler’s comedy spec script “Bobism.” In “Bobism,” a shy college kid learns that his blog will be the basis for a utopian society in 1,000 years. He also finds out that aliens from the future want to kill him and prevent that utopia from happening…” (full details)