Trade Breaks: Talez, Urge, Madea

“DJ Classicz is developing the urban horror project “Shady Talez” for Paramount Pictures. Project features three stories penned by Dallas Jackson and Marlon Chapman that pay hip-hop homage to classic horror films…” (full details)

“Barbarian Film Fund will finance the psychological thriller “Urge,” written by Guy Busick. Story takes place in a quaint rural town, where the population is suddenly reduced to its most base violent and sexual urges after being exposed to a failed secret government experiment. A small group of locals are left unexposed and struggle to survive and uncover the truth behind the incident. A director has not yet been named…” (full details)

“Tyler Perry’s production company has partnered with Exodus Film Group to produce an animated series based on his signature character, Madea, the opinionated larger-than-life African-American mother he first played on-screen in “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. The untitled “Madea” series will be funded and produced before being shopped to potential networks or released directly to video. Perry will create, write and executive produce the animated project…” (full details)