Trade Breaks: Station, Musical, Yellow

“Michael Hoffman’s $16 million “The Last Station” has completed its financing and is set to shoot in Germany sometime this year. The story follows the aging Leo Tolstoy (Anthony Hopkins) and his dilemma whether to bequeath his wealth to his beloved wife (Meryl Streep) and family, or to donate it to projects for the public good…” (full details)

“The Disney Channel’s smash hit “High School Musical” will not only get a TV sequel this summer but spawn a movie next year as well. Few details were unveiled other than its Halloween theme; it wasn’t clear how many of the original cast and crew members will appear in the movie, though the studio has begun discussions. It was announced Thursday that “Haunted High School Musical” will be released in theatres in 2008…” (full details)

“Shochiku has struck a deal with producer Arthur Cohn for a remake of “The Yellow Handkerchief” one of the Japanese major’s classics from 30 years back. Shooting will start in New Orleans on March 22nd…” (full details)