Trade Breaks: Solace, Expelled, Spike

“Filming on the second unit on “Quantum of Solace” will be suspended while the recent spate of car accidents is investigated. The film crew were in the final hours of a two-week shoot when the most recent accident occurred and equipment, including cars, were spotted yesterday being packed up for shipping back to the UK…” (full details)

“John Lennon’s sons and widow, Yoko Ono, are suing the filmmakers of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” for using the song “Imagine” in the documentary without permission. The producers cited the fair use doctrine, which allows the use of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary and criticism. The documentary looks at alleged discrimination against scientists and teachers who support so-called intelligent design as an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution…” (full details)

“Filmmaker Spike Lee has linked up with Nokia to direct a movie made with cell phone footage from everyday people. The film by Nokia Productions will consist of three acts. An “assignment” for each act will be announced online and people will then have four weeks to produce their submission…” (full details)