Trade Breaks: Shine, Cinecitta, Hole

“The theatrical release of Martin Scorsese’s concert documentary about the Rolling Stones has been postponed by seven months to April, distributor Paramount Classics. A spokeswoman said the studio needed more time to set up the promotional campaign for “Shine a Light,” noting that the band is busy touring Europe until August 26th…” (full details)

“A large fire that began late Thursday and lasted into the early hours of Friday consumed part of Rome’s legendary Cinecitta studios, leaving about 32,000 square feet charred, including the lot where the HBO series “Rome” was filmed. Cinecitta said that the fire will not delay any of the projects in the works at the studio, noting that though the areas affected by the blaze was large, most of the facilities were unharmed…” (full details)

“Bold Films has picked up Mark L. Smith’s supernatural thriller spec script “The Hole.” The story revolves around two brothers who uncover a mysterious never-ending hole in the basement of their new home that appears to be a portal with the ability to release their worst nightmares…” (full details)