Trade Breaks: Scumbags, Weinstein, HBO

“British author Danny King’s latest novel “School for Scumbags” has been optioned for feature development by producer David Matalon. Plot follows a teenage boy who, after being expelled from a long list of schools, finds his niche at the Gafin School for “misdirected” teens — run by professional thieves…” (full details)

“The WGA has provided Bob and Harvey Weinstein with a copy of a proposal similar to what was offered over the holidays to United Artists. The two have spent the past several days reviewing it, the source said, and a deal “could be imminent” between the WGA and The Weinstein Company…” (full details)

“Joint New Line and HBO venture Picturehouse is set to become a full New Line subsiduary. The company has had great success with the likes of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “La Vie En Rose” but has had flops with HBO-backed titles like “The Notorious Bettie Page” and “Rocket Science”…” (full details)