Trade Breaks: Road, Harvard, Jungle

“Paul Cowan, Chris Wheeldon and Michael Robertson (“Black Water”) are teaming to produce the Aussie supernatural thriller “Road Train”. The story follows a group of youngsters menaced by a driverless road train in the Australian outback, and is directed by first-timer Dean Francis and written by Clive Hopkins…” (full details)

“American Pie” producer Warren Zide has picked up Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit’s comedy-horror spec script “The Harvard Zombie Massacre”. The story centers on a scenario in which Harvard is overrun by the undead and America’s most brilliant minds fend off America’s most brilliant zombies. Shooting is planned for early next year…” (full details)

Roland Suso Richter will helm an adaptation of Sabine Kuegler’s bestseller “Dschungelkind” (Jungle Child), a biography of Christian missionaries who move to Papua New Guinea with their children to live with the Stone Age Fayu tribe. Richter will lens the pic on location at the end of 2008…” (full details)