Trade Breaks: Reaper, Speed, Pathology

“Kevin Smith is set to direct the CW pilot “Reaper,” a comedic drama about Sam Oliver, a 21-year-old slacker who learns that at birth his parents sold his soul to the devil and now has to pay the debt by becoming the Satan’s bounty hunter, retrieving souls escaped from hell. Shooting begins mid-March in Vancouver…” (full details)

“The Wachowski brothers are returning to Berlin’s Studio Babelsberg to shoot “Speed Racer,” the high-octane actioner based on the classic 1960 Japanese Anime, starting in May. The pair worked on James McTeigue’s “V for Vendetta” there in 2005, whilst the most recent major US production was a short four-day shoot for “The Bourne Ultimatum” in January…” (full details)

“Lakeshore has set an April start date for “Pathology,” a drama about medical students who compete to see which can commit the perfect murder – one fellow pathologists couldn’t unravel. German commercials helmer Marc Schoelermann directs a script by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (“Crank”). MGM will distribute the film on October 19th…” (full details)