Trade Breaks: Plasse, Englund, Harvey

“During the Kid Kris morning show on Mix 96.1, “Superbad” scene-stealer Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“Superbad”) revealed he’s in line to work with Paul Rudd on the comedy “Little Big Men” and voice a character in the upcoming Dreamworks Animation film “How To Train Your Dragon,” opening November 2009.”

“At the London Film and Comic Con over the past weekend actor Robert Englund revealed that John Carpenter was ‘talking’ about having some sort of role in the “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers” movie and that “he’s been at New Line discussing the project”. Englund also said a new re-imagining of the hit 1980’s TV series “V” may be in the works, but he won’t be involved…” (full details)

“Fox Atomic has acquired the comedy pitch “Harvey and Marky: A True Story of Friendship and Betrayal,” by Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel. Story revolves around childhood friends who hit a crossroads in their relationship when the shy Marky gets a girlfriend and becomes more independent. This devastates the very domineering Harvey, who in turn hires a fake girlfriend to compete with his old friend…” (full details)