Trade Breaks: O’Toole, Green, Farino

“Peter O’Toole will play Pope Paul III on Showtime’s “The Tudors” next season. The actor has booked a seven-episode arc on the second season and will shoot them later this year. The season two storyline promises to pit O’Toole’s pontiff against Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Henry VIII in his bid to get his divorce from Katherine of Aragon. Henry’s defiance of the pope and his break with the Roman Catholic Church became one of the most important events in medieval history…” (full details)

“Eva Green will star in and Wong Kar-Wai will direct commercials for ‘Midnight Poison’, a new Christian Dior fragrance due for release in September…” (full details)

“Julian Farino is attached to direct “The Year of Living Biblically” for Paramount Pictures and Plan B. Jay Reiss is adapting the screenplay from A.J. Jacobs’ nonfiction book which deals in the rules of the Old and New Testament…” (full details)