Trade Breaks: Orson, Wolf Boy, Ass

“Coming-of-age romantic comedy Me & Orson Welles will start principal photography in the Isle of Man on February 24th, before moving to Pinewood Studios, London locations and New York…” (full details)

“The Weinstein Co. has optioned screen rights to Evan Kuhlman’s “Wolf Boy: A Novel”. The novel concerns the Wolf family, which loses a son in a car accident. The other son channels his grief into the creation of a comicbook superhero based on his brother called Wolf Boy. Irwin Winkler and Jill Cutler will produce the feature through Winkler Films. Christopher Parker is adapting…” (full details)

“French director Francis Veber (“The Closet,” “The Valet”) will helm the new comedy “A Pain in the Ass,” starring Richard Berry and Patrick Timsit. Based on the helmer’s successful play, which ended its runs in France in 2007 and was first brought to the big screen in 1973 in the Edouard Molinaro film of the same name. Veber’s classic hero Francois Pignon is back in this story about an unlikely friendship that develops between a professional killer and a suicidal screw-up…” (full details)