Trade Breaks: One, Trucker, Fugees

“Lensing has started on the propaganda film “The One,” based on the story of Liu Changchun. Liu resisted Japanese pressure to represent the puppet state of Manchuria at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Liu instead represented the Republic of China, the first athlete to do so…” (full details)

“Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (“Parental Guidance Suggested,” “Not Another Teen Movie”) have set up their second directing vehicle, the comedy “Trucker Academy” which revolves around two white-collar professionals who lose their jobs and decide to become long-haul truckers…” (full details)

“Andrea Berloff has been tapped to write “The Fugees,” an adaptation of a New York Times article revolving around a group of soccer-playing refugee kids who settled near Atlanta. The article set off a massive bidding war in January, with Universal Pictures ultimately ending up victorious…” (full details)