Trade Breaks: Ocean, Thieves, Ubisoft

“300” producer Gianni Nunnari confirms he’s working with Warren Ellis on an adaptation of his work “Ocean”. It tells the story of a UN Weapons Inspector heading to Europa after a discovery of inhuman objects under the planet’s ice.

“”Lovers, Liars and Thieves,” directed by “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “The Notebook” writer and “Don Juan de Marco” helmer Jeremy Leven, tells the story of two crooks who convince an Italian cabinet maker to steal the Mona Lisa. Set in the belle epoque era of Paris, the $35 million European co-production will star Dustin Hoffman and Antonio Banderas in the key roles…” (full details)

“French video game publisher Ubisoft plans to invest almost $400 million in an expansion of its production center in Montreal with a goal to make movies. Ubisoft will focus on delivering short CGI films at first, digitally distributed over the Internet and to such outlets as iTunes and Xbox Live Marketplace. Over the next five years, Guillemot said the Montreal studio will explore other opportunities, including CGI TV shows and portions of feature films…” (full details)