Trade Breaks: Maintenance, Hole, Dust

“Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to Jim Massey’s comicbook series “Maintenance,” for “Charlie’s Angels” director McG to produce and possibly direct. Joe Ballarini (“Witch Hunters”) is adapting the project, which follows the exploits of two janitors who work at Terrormax Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of weapons and doomsday devices to supervillains…” (full details)

“Bold Films is climbing into “The Hole,” buying the horror spec by Mark L. Smith (“Vacancy”) and setting it up as a co-production between Bold and Benderspink. Story centers on two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in the basement that leads to their worst nightmares…” (full details)

“Film Movement has acquired all North American rights to the Laurent Salgues-directed drama “Dreams of Dust,” the story of a Nigerian peasant on his journey for mining work in a small African town who discovers that the mine was abandoned long ago. He finds redemption in the arms of a widower and her child as he helps in their struggle to survive…” (full details)