Trade Breaks: Knight, Ravin, Howell

“Countdowns are on for the new “The Dark Knight” trailer to premiere in specific US locations at 5:30pm today in each time zone. Hopefully if all goes well, it’ll be online a few hours later. Specific GPS locations to where you need to be can be found at the link…” (full details)

“Aussie actress Emilie De Ravin (“Lost,” “Roswell”) has landed a supporting role in Michael Mann’s upcoming John Dilinger feature “Public Enemies” starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale…” (full details)

“C. Thomas Howell stars in the direct-to-DVD indie comedy “Commander-and-Chief” about about a totally fictitious president named George W. Bristol who alienates the rest of the world and has a “funny way of bungling the English language. Chris Showerman and Ronnie Gene Blevins also star…” (full details )