Trade Breaks: Janssen, Hobbit, Lopez

“Writer/director Eric Red has cast Famke Janssen (“X-Men”, “Goldeneye”) in the supernatural thriller “100 Feet”. The film follows a woman under house arrest for killing her husband in self defense, only to find that her house is far less safe as his ghost has come back to exact revenge. Shooting begins April in Brooklyn, New York and Budapest, Hungary…” (full details)

“New Line founder and co-chairman Robert K. Shaye that although there was no workable script yet for “The Hobbit”, he intended to release it in 2009. He would not comment on reports that Sam Raimi had been asked to direct…” (full details)

“The much anticipated Gregory Nava indie film “Bordertown” received boos at both the press screening AND the premiere at Berlinale on Thursday evening. Applause at the end was apparently muted and star Jennifer Lopez looked visibly upset. Local critics savaged the film the next day, claiming it turned important subject matter into a B-movie thriller…” (full details)