Trade Breaks: Indiana, Spirit, Azaria

“The trailer for the highly anticipated “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” will air exclusively on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday morning between 8-9am US-EST. Immediately thereafter, the footage will be available at, Yahoo! Movies and in theaters.”

“Lionsgate has already negotiated with Frank Miller to direct two sequels to his upcoming “Sin City”-style superhero flick “The Spirit”. The original comic tells of a detective who fakes his death to more vigilantly pursue the criminal element…” (full details)

“Hank Azaria (“The Simpsons,” “Along Came Polly”) has joined the casts of 20th Century Fox’s “Night at the Museum 2: Escape From the Smithsonian” and Sony Pictures “Year One”. Azaria plays both an all-powerful Egyptian pharaoh named Kah Mun Rah in ‘Night’, and the Biblical character Abraham in ‘One’…” (full details)