Trade Breaks: Horse, Lost, Lascars

“Samira Makhmalbaf’s latest feature “Two-Legged Horse” is back on track, with production set to resume on the film “quickly,” the director and her filmmaker father, Mohsen, who wrote the script, said Friday. Production was halted in late March after a bomb attack on set left six members of the cast and crew and a number of extras injured. The bomber was declared by ISAF Security Forces as an independent assaulter not associated with the Taliban or al-Qaida…” (full details)

“Maverick Red and Grindhouse Pictures will produce “Paradise Lost,” a remake of a Swedish zombie horror pic. “Lost” sees a brother searching for his missing sister, only to find she has been turned into a zombie. Location scouting for a South Carolina shoot is now under way…” (full details)

“A $13.5 million all-star animated flick, based on the cult TV series “Les Lascars” – which aired on MTV as “Round da Way,” is in the works. France’s biggest-selling pop artist Diams along with Diane Krueger and Vincent Cassel will lend their voices to the cast. The French version is practically finished, and animation will begin this summer. ..” (full details)