Trade Breaks: Hearts, Tin Man, Superman

“The true crime thriller “Lonely Hearts,” starring John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek, Scott Caan and Laura Dern, has been picked up for U.S. theatrical distribution by Roadside Attractions and Samuel Goldwyn Films. The distributors plan to release the film in theaters April 13th, whilst Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the film on DVD in late summer/early fall…” (full details)

“Actor Richard Dreyfuss has joined Sci Fi Channel’s upcoming six-hour miniseries Tin Man, joining Zooey Deschanel and Alan umming in a ‘re-imagined’ take on author L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz” books. Slated to start production this April in Vancouver, the mini will premiere on Sci Fi in December. Dreyfuss will take on the role of ‘Mystic Man’, a wizard who holds the key to revealing the destiny of one woman who can save The Outer Zone (aka the ‘O.Z.’) from dark magic…” (full details)

“Former Batman, Superman & Justice League animated series producer Bruce Timm has confirmed that a 72 minute animated direct-to-DVD feature is planned based on the classic “Death of Superman” comic storyline. Casting wise Adam Baldwin as Superman, Anne Heche as Lois Lane, and James Marsters as Lex Luthor…” (full details)