Trade Breaks: Happened, Graduation, Zide

“Barry Levinson’s “What Just Happened?”, a tale of an embattled Hollywood producer, has been chosen to close this year’s Festival de Cannes. Robert De Nir stars in the film which has a climactic scene taking place at the Festival de Cannes, with the fictional movie-within-a-movie that Ben has produced opening the festival. The movie received a mixed critical response and failed to catch fire with distributors at January’s Sundance Film Festival…” (full details)

“Truly Indie, Magnolia Pictures and Redwood Palms Pictures will do a limited release of the teen heist pic “Graduation” in the first week of May. Plot involves four high schoolers’ efforts to save a sick family member, for whom they rob the bank run by one of their fathers, not just for the money but for revenge. Shannon Lucio, Chris Marquette, Chris Lowell, Adam Arkin and Huey Lewis all star. Mike Mayer makes his directorial from a script by D. Cory Turner…” (full details)

“Warren Zide (“American Pie,” “Final Destination”) and Parallel Media are planning a $70 million production financing deal covering eight films. The deal includes the indie workplace comedy “Demoted” which begins shooting this Summer with J.B. Rogers (“Pool Boy”) at the helm. Next will be Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan’s horror flick “Bat Out of Hell”…” (full details)