Trade Breaks: Fox, Platt, Exempt

“Former NBA player Rick Fox and Jenifer Lewis will be joing Angela Bassett and Tyler Perry in Perry’s film adaptation of his stage plage, “Meet The Browns”. Lewis will reprise her role that she played in “Madea’s Family Reunion” as Milay Jenay Lori…” (full details)

“Oliver Platt has signed on to play Bob Zelnick in Working Title and Universal Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of “Frost/Nixon” and has landed a recurring role on FX’s “Nip/Tuck.” Zelnick was the executive editor of the Frost-Nixon interviews…” (full details)

“Overture Films has acquired “Exempt,” a spec script by Ian Shorr, that Benderspink will produce. The action thriller follows a fast-talking high schooler who, after getting kicked out of school and sent to a tony boarding school for problem teens, finds himself in bad trouble when he falls in with a group of “diplobrats,” foreign teenagers with diplomatic immunity from the law…” (full details)