Trade Breaks: Eureka, Sensitive, Sensei

“Hybrid science-fiction/comedy show “Eureka” has earned a third season on SciFi Channel who’ve ordered 13 more episodes. The entire cast is set to return…” (full details)

“Universal Pictures has acquired first-time scribe Ben Frahm’s spec “Dr. Sensitive” for Shady Acres to produce as a potential directing vehicle for Tom Shadyac. The comedy centers on the doctor with the world’s worst bedside manner who undergoes a transformative experience that makes him overly empathetic…” (full details)

“Summit Entertainment has picked up comedy spec script “Sensei” by David Caspe. The story centers on a drunk, washed-up sensei at a rundown dojo being challenged to a rematch of a famed 1984 fight by his opponent — an informercial star who’s franchised “Karate Pilates” and opened one of his workout franchises across the street. JC Spink will produce…” (full details)