Trade Breaks: Eagle, Knight, Rider

“Universal Pictures has boarded Japanese actioner “Midnight Eagle” and will release the pic in North America this year. THE Izuru Narushima-helmed $10 million actioner sees a standoff between Japan and secret agents from an unknown foreign country, after a U.S. Stealth fighter crashes into a Japanese mountainside…” (full details)

“Shooting for “The Dark Knight” is underway in Bedfordshire, utilising the massive Gotham City set built in the rear of the shed for “Batman Begins” and left standing afterwards. Dog-handlers have come over from the USA for one sequence, thought to involve a chase featuring the Batmobile…” (full details)

“The “Knight Rider” film may still go ahead as whilst Universal/NBC own the television rights (allowing them to do their TV movie/backdoor pilot announced lat week), creator Glen A. Larson owns the film rights and still has big plans to get the project going… (full details)