Trade Breaks: Days, Avatar, Relativity

“FEARnet has announced the Sept. 13 launch of “30 Days of Night: Blood Trails,” a new Web series based on the graphic novel and upcoming film “30 Days of Night” to be released October 19th. The series of seven, 3-5 minute weekly minisodes are based on the movie’s storyline…” (full details)

“Ubisoft is closing videogame deals for two of Hollywood’s hottest sci-fi properties. French publisher revealed on Tuesday that it will make a vidgame based on Fox’s James Cameron-helmed 3-d pic “Avatar.” Sources also said that Ubisoft is finishing a deal with NBC Universal to produce a “Heroes” videogame…” (full details)

“Walden Media has optioned Peter Craig’s spec script “Relativity.” The story follows the Fergusons, who on the eve of their 35th wedding anniversary bring their children together to tell them a secret that sends shock waves throughout the household and sets off a series of humorous and moving events…” (full details)