Trade Breaks: Damages, Serena, Dream

“William Hurt has signed on to join the cast of FX’s “Damages” which will be his first-ever regular TV series role. Hurt will play a client of Glenn Close’s character, tough-as-nails attorney Patty Hewes. Hurt’s character and Hewes also have a past that’s more than just professional…” (full details)

“2929 Productions has optioned rights to Ron Rash’s new novel “Serena”. Story concerns a Depression-era logging magnate and his wife who face off against land conservationists’ attempts to turn their land into a national park. Nick Wechsler will produce…” (full details)

“Clara Law (“The Goddess of 1967,” “Floating Life”) will return to China for the $3 million romancer “Like a Dream”. The story follows an American-born Chinese (Daniel Wu) who becomes involved in a romantic mystery which stretches across Shanghai, Taipei and New York. Yuan Quan also stars and shooting also runs from August to October this year…” (full details)