Trade Breaks: Compass, Tourist, Rings

“New Line Cinema’s The Golden Compass will have its exclusive worldwide trailer debut on October 9th at the opening of the celebrated Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center, officially kicking off the 2007-2008 holiday season. There will be a simultaneous debut of the trailer on…” (full details)

“Universal has booked bigscreen rights to Katherine Marsh’s children’s tome “The Night Tourist.” The story revolves around a ninth-grade classics prodigy who discovers Gotham’s underworld with the help of a girl he meets at Grand Central Station. He discovers many secrets about his pal while searching for a glimpse of his late mother in this secret world. No writer has been attached yet…” (full details)

“New Line won’t fight a federal court judge’s decision to hit the studio with $125,000 in sanctions for failing to turn over documents in the ongoing legal battle with Peter Jackson and his Wingnut Films. The lawsuit has strained relations between Jackson and New Line and any hopes of the director taking on the trilogy’s prequel, “The Hobbit”…” (full details)