Trade Breaks: Chevalier, Superhero, Fury

“Wes Anderson’s short film “Hotel Chevalier” premiered at the Apple store in Soho last night and is now available on iTunes. Fox Searchlight removed the short from the theatrical release of “The Darjeeling Limited”…” (full details)

“Arts Alliance America and Netflix’s Red Envelope have teamed to acquire doco “Confessions of a Superhero” which is will distribute theatrically starting in New York on November 2nd, and then on DVD in January under its “Morgan Spurlock Presents” banner. Film chronicles the alternately poignant and amusing paths of the struggling actors who pay the bills by playing superheroes on Hollywood Boulevard…” (full details)

“Universal Pictures has pre-emptively acquired the action spec script “Fury” by Leonard Hartman. The contemporary action thriller with supernatural overtones follows a group of special forces…” (full details)