“Toy Story” Woody Origin Story Debunked

Pixar’s Andrew Stanton has debunked a video that went viral recently which suggested a tragic backstory for 1995’s “Toy Story”.

The SuperCarlinBrothers Youtube page posted a video in which a product designer reportedly suggested that late Pixar writer Joe Ranft confided in him a story about the fictional universe of Toy Story.

That story? That the father of Andy, the young boy who own the toys, died of post-polio syndrome less than a year before the events of Toy Story – leaving him the key to an old toy box that contained Woody, the Slinky dog and Mr. Potato Head.

The video also suggests Woody was also a one-off, the 1950s prototype of a cereal company giveaway that never made it to production.

Stanton, who co-wrote all three “Toy Story” films, has slammed the report saying on Twitter that it’s “complete and utter fake news. Everyone go back to your homes, nothing to see here, folks” and adding the hashtag #iwasthere.

Nevertheless it has led to some interesting discussion online. Check out the video for yourself below: